Natural Substances cursive worksheets

Learn about 10 different natural substances while practicing your cursive handwriting.

Included in this FREE cursive handwriting packet – one page on each of the following:

  • ivory
  • diamond
  • aquamarine
  • pearl
  • amethyst
  • sapphire
  • ruby
  • turquoise
  • malachite
  • quartz

Each page features two photos of the substance and a paragraph describing its characteristics, uses, and other interesting facts.  There are a dozen plain lines upon which to transcribe the paragraph in cursive.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

printable cursive handwriting worksheet on natural substances - ivory   free printable cursive handwriting worksheet on diamond as a natural substance from   cursive handwriting worksheet printable handout on the natural substance turquoise free on   free printable cursive penmanship worksheet on the natural substance quartz

Click Here to open this completely free cursive handwriting packet.  Please remember to send your friends and followers to this page to obtain their own free copy.  And please consider leaving a donation or some encouraging feedback below.  Thank you!



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7 Responses to Natural Substances cursive worksheets

  1. Gen Wertz says:

    Dear Fran, I am a 3rd grade teacher in New Mexico. I love your cursive passages! I think I am one of the few teachers in my district who actually still teach cursive handwriting. I have used your stuff for a while now and I appreciate all of them. The content is wonderful and I am using them for a group of nine kids I am extending the school year through the summer. Thanks again from a very grateful and super busy teacher who appreciates quality supplements from great educators like you! Gen Wertz Deming New Mexico.

    • mirror_eyes says:

      Thank you, Gen, for the encouraging feedback! It’s very nice to hear how the materials are being used. 😀
      Have a great summer!

  2. Karen says:

    I am so appreciative of your work. I stumbled on the snakes a few years back and as I have traveled through several school districts and two states I had lost my links. Thanks goodness I found them again. They are engaging for the students. Sometimes I just use them so they can practice reading the cursive. Many of them struggle and the subjects you use catch their imaginations and lead to interesting discussions.

  3. Samantha says:

    Thank you for these printouts. I like that my kids can learn & practice their handwriting skills at the same time. We have printed out the snake cursive pages as well. I have shared your site to others who enjoy it also.

  4. Susannah says:

    Thank you for these. My son is still learning to write print, so needs practice at that. However, he also wanted to learn to read cursive since he sees it sometimes. I’ve been using these as a way to learn to read cursive and practice print. He’ll write out the cursive paragraphs in print.

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