Free Fun Pre-Cursive Practice!

Introduce cursive handwriting strokes with this fun set of 12 worksheets!  Don’t just trace loops and lines on boring straight lines — use them to make curly hair on silly faces, or turn them into a garden, or use them to frame a picture!

This very unique set of pre-cursive worksheets includes:

  • 2 pages of Curly Locks — trace the loops and lines to put hair on each silly face
  • Ocean Waves & Flower Garden – use the loops and waves to make pictures
  • 8 pages of Frame It — trace loops and lines to frame a picture you decorate


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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Click Here to open this completely free resource for fun pre-cursive practice.  Please remember that these pages are meant for your own personal home or classroom use only and may not be distributed to anyone besides your own students.  Sent your friends and followers here for their own copies — simply click one of the sharing icons below!


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8 Responses to Free Fun Pre-Cursive Practice!

  1. Amy says:

    Awesome. Thank you very much. I’m going to start my 4 year old with cursive first.

    • mirror_eyes says:

      That’s amazing! I have a teenager whose printing is still barely legible, lol! Maybe he’ll be a doctor… 😀

  2. These are great! Such a fun way to get a feel for how cursive “works”. I’m going to use these for my kids this summer. Thanks!

  3. Davies says:

    I am Ismail Davies from Nigeria.
    I run a school but wish to introduce cursive handwriting. Could you please guide me on the process and procedures to achieve the objective.
    would be glad to have your reply and help on this.

    Best regards.

    • mirror_eyes says:

      Introducing handwriting depends upon the age and manual dexterity skill level of the individuals involved. You may want to start with the pre-cursive exercises, then move on to the first year pages. For much older children and adults, you may want to just provide a cursive chart and intermediate or advanced practice pages. Then have them practice writing printed text in cursive — like copying quotes in their best handwriting. 🙂

  4. keli says:

    thank you so much! These will be perfect for my prek students before learning cursive next year!

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