First Year Cursive – 133 pages!

Carefully crafted set of beginning cursive worksheets in 3 printable PDF packets for each of 3 different cursive handwriting fonts — all for FREE with no advertising besides my main website URL located in the bottom right corner of each page.  No hassles – no catch – just please “pay it forward” and let others know.  😀

3 fonts featured on ABeka, DNealian, and Zaner-Bloser

If you are unsure which font to use, you should know that the majority of files available on this site are available only in ABeka font — a more “traditional” style.  If you are still undecided or would like a better comparison than above, you can download the free Cursive Alphabets file that has several alphabet pages for all 3 fonts above.

Part One:  Introduction to lower-case letters  (36 pages) – from the most simple (e, l, u, i) to the most difficult (f, p, k, z).

Part Two:  Extra Practice with lower-case letters  (61 pages) – master the letters you have already learned, before moving on to capital or upper-case letters.  Follows the same sequence of letters as that introduced in Part One, therefore learning lower-case letters can be covered in 36 to 97 days (using just set one or using both sets, one page per day).

Part Three:  Upper-case or capital letters  (36 pages) – still practicing lower-case letters, this last set introduces capital letters from easiest (P, A, C, O) to most difficult (I, J, S, G).

If you use any of these FREE cursive handwriting practice sets, please consider sharing a link to this page with others on your favorite network – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc.

Please use the files for your own personal home or classroom use ONLY – no permission is given to redistribute the files or post them on the internet yourself, even for your own retrieval.  Thank you for respecting the author’s copyright privileges.


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57 Responses to First Year Cursive – 133 pages!

  1. Zenia says:

    I would love to be able to download the ABeka font. Any chances you can have that available? I have been trying to teach my son how to write his name in cursive and he is still struggling. If I had the font I can make him a worksheet of his name. I tried different online options but the fonts are not consistent.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot .

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much. I hope this helps my daughter feel like she can catch up to the other kids at school. She just moved to a private school, that uses Abeka, from public school. The other kids in her class started learning cursive last year in 1st grade, and she feels so left out because she hasn’t ever written in cursive before. I hope that using this, I can help her feel like she can write like the other kids because she really wants to be able to write like them.

  4. Christian Henry says:

    How much did it cost for a licence to allow you to make printable worksheets with this font? This is very generous of you to make and give these out for free.

    • mirror_eyes says:

      Hi there, and thank you for your encouragement! I believe I paid about $25 for the whole set of fonts. And I created the worksheets using MS Publisher. 🙂

      • Victoria says:

        Where can I get the ABeka font? My son is disabled and needs slower practice, so I’d like to make customized worksheets.

        • mirror_eyes says:

          All my things are in storage ATM, as I am now a homeless nomad… see the Updates link… but I THINK the company’s name was Educational Fontware, Inc… 🙂

  5. Shannon says:

    Thank you for making this available. You have a little ‘break’ between letters, say during the continuous “eeeeee” on the first page, where one e overlaps with the next in line. Does that little space have a purpose, or should my daughter just carry on right through it? I just want to make sure I’m not missing something. Thanks again.

  6. Laurie says:

    These are terrific! I wasn’t sure what to do with my 8yo son to introduce cursive. Now I’m going to use these. Thank you so much for making all this available!!!

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