Endangered Plants easy cursive

Learn about ten different species of endangered plants in the United States while practicing easy cursive handwriting.  Each page features letter warm-ups, the species scientific name and space to practice writing it, and a brief description of the plant including its common name.  There is also a black-and-white drawing of the plant and a mention of which states have this species listed as endangered.

Endangered plant species included in this ten-page cursive handwriting packet:

  • Lupinus perennis (wild lupine)
  • Dicentra exima (wild bleeding hearts)
  • Claytonia virginica (spring beauty)
  • Lilium superbum (turk’s cap lily)
  • Caltha palustris (marsh marigold)
  • Lygodium palmatum (climbing fern)
  • Trillium undulatum (painted trillium)
  • Asplenium ruta-muraria (wall rue)
  • Castanea dentata (American chestnut)
  • Utricularia inflata (floating bladderwort)

This packet goes great with any nature study or conservation effort.  Use it to encourage the awareness that many plants are endangered, too — not just animals.  Along the way, children can not only practice their handwriting skills, but develop a bit of respect for the lowly species that grow under their feet.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

free printable cursive handwriting penmanship practice worksheet on wild lupine and other endangered plants   free cursive handwriting printable worksheet on spring beauty plants that are endangered in some states   printable cursive handwriting worksheet on marsh marigolds and other endangered plants -- free on printablecursive.com


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